Pit-holed Hemei mountain road alarms walkers

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Located on the west bank of New Taipei City’s Bitan, Hemei mountain track is a favorite weekend leisure spot for Xindian residents. However, recently, in the process of laying a new road, a constant stream of trucks crushed the old road (Oakes Ave(橡樹大道)). As far as walkers and local residents are concerned, this pit-holing of the road is extremely inconvenient. After construction vehicles crushed the road Xindian District Office failed to immediately repair the damage and local residents’ hopes that the government would replace the damaged road have been met by a rather negative attitude. 

A large number of local residents have complained after suffering injury from the damaged pavement, said Taipinli neighborhood elder Ke Ming-xing. Since the damaging of the public road, Xindian District Office has used difficulty in obtaining permission from local landowners as its main reason to delay repair work. However, when work began to build the new road, a quick telephone call to inform landowners of Xindian District Office’s intention to begin construction was all that seemed to be needed - It appears that the district office’s standards are continually changing, and the rights of local residents are being disregarded.

At the outset, Xindian District Office had good intentions of building a new road after the old one had been worn down from many years of use, but inadvertently crushed the original road in the process - a mistake that has jeopardized the safety of local residents using the road. It is hoped that New Taipei City Government will find the sincerity to restore the road and in turn the excellent environment of Hemei Mountain, which can no doubt help to stimulate the tourist industry of Bitan.


Pit-holed Hemei mountain road alarms walkers (by CJ shonline)




和美山步道凹凸 遊客行走心驚驚 ( 世新Online ) (shonline)

位於新北市碧潭西岸的和美山步道,是新店居民假日閒暇的好去處。但是日前政府在整修新步道時工程車的進進出出卻意外壓壞舊步道(橡樹大道),對於登山客、 居民來說坑坑疤疤的步道實在不便。區公所的態度也偏消極,居民期盼政府可以還他們一個平整的和美山步道。工程車壓毀道路後,新店區公所卻沒有立即修補,當 地太平里鄰長柯銘星表示,已有許多民眾反應因為路面崎嶇而受傷。產業道路毀壞後,新店區公所卻以私人土地為理由,要求地主先簽下同意書,才進行道路修復, 但是,工程車開進產業道路前,只以一通電話詢問地主,區公所前後標準不一,罔顧居民權益。新店區公所當初因舊步道年久失修以美意修築新步道,卻無意壓損原 有道路,危及民眾用路安全,期盼新北市政府釋出誠意,還給和美山優質的登山環境,更能帶動碧潭西岸觀光。



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Pit-holed Hemei mountain road alarms walkers