Tainan Community University ‘Little Learning Bus’ hits the road

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Tainan Community University (台南社區大學) has built a small learning bus, fully equipped with two tables and sixteen seats. The bus will travel to all parts of the community in order to spread the concept of ‘The city is my Classroom’. This small learning bus was created through the joint efforts of teacher Li Wei-Mu and students, and has been nicknamed the ‘Little Learning Bus’ by Tainan Community University. The original idea was to build a small vehicle that contained both tables and chairs, and was convenient enough to be pulled by a motorcycle into the alleys and parks of the community where study opportunities could be provided to local residents said teacher Li Wei-Mu (李維睦). Equipped with two tables, sixteen seats and a number of small wooden boxes for displays, this small vehicle is absolutely perfect for setting up small educational exhibitions. The ‘Little Learning Bus’ may not be everybody’s idea of what an educational bus should look like and it needs to be pulled by an external vehicle in order to be mobile, but it is brimming with raw talent and feeling, perfectly in line with just the kind of positive attitude and enthusiastic feel that Tainan Community University is trying to proliferate said university head Lin Guan-Zhou (林冠州).

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Tainan Community University ‘Little Learning Bus’ hits the road
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上路囉,台南社大的「小學校車」! ( 台南社大 )

台南社區大學打造1輛小小學習車,計劃透過這輛可收納2張桌子、16張椅子的學習車,巡迴台南各地,與市民分享學習資源,實踐「城市就是我的教室」理念。 台南社大這輛小小學習車,簡稱「小學校車」,由講師李維睦和學生合力設計打造,李維睦說,基本設計理念是要打造1輛兼具課桌椅、作品展示功能的車子,方便以機車拖行到公園、巷弄,提供民眾體驗學習。該車體可直接擺放各種教學創作品,收納2張桌子、16張椅子,多組展示小木盒等學習設備。台南社大主任林冠州說,雖然這輛車並不是大家想像中的「校車」,需要透過外力拖行才能移動,但因車子需要眾人協力才能移動,充滿素樸手感,這正是社大想傳達的認真與分享熱情。




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Tainan Community University ‘Little Learning Bus’ hits the road