Guantian residents protest over proposed galvanizing plant ahead of EIA

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On 2nd April, Quintain Steel’s application to build an additional steel galvanizing by plant entered its third environment conference. The farmers and fishermen of Guantian took their protests to the Environmental Protection Bureau after many of them became anxious about the potential for discharges of wastewater and waste acid to enter the environment and affect crops. In fact, Quintain Steel has already been established in Guantian for over ten years, and it is the addition of the potentially hazardous galvanizing production process that has caused a storm of protest.

Moreover, the area surrounding the plant is fertile green land and Tilapia fish farms. Farmers and fishermen expressed that they were not opposed to the setting up of factories, but hoped that they could be located in industrial areas. In response to worries, the developers expressed that they would utilize the most advanced technology and hoped that in the future there would be no pollution - in the event of pollution, Quintain Steel would be liable to pay full compensation. A special panel set up to oversee the meeting concluded that the proposed project was likely to have an adverse effect on the nearby Guantian Pheasant-tailed Jacana Restoration Area, as well as the local agricultural zone, and ecological environment at large.

Moreover, as it is impossible to assess the potential environmental impact of a serious accident, it was recommended that consent not be given. With an absence of the new factory, over the last ten years Guantian has become an important area in the production of organic water chestnuts and for the restoration of the Pheasant-tailed Jacana, and as such there is a very real need for a new EIA. This is why the Self-help Association and environmental groups have called for Quintain Steel to conduct an new Environmental Analysis and not be allowed to continue based on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) passed in 2002. In order to protect their homeland the Self-Help Association has fought long and hard.

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Guantian residents protest over proposed galvanizing plant ahead of EIA (by CJ tncomu)



酸洗廠蓋田中央?! 官田居民憂汙染 環差前抗議 ( 台南社大 )( tncomu)
台南官田鋼鐵申請增設鍍鋅酸洗廠,於4/2日進行第三次環差會議。官田在地的農漁民,擔心酸洗廠所排放的廢酸、廢水,將對生態環境和農漁作物造成汙染,因此 前往環保局抗議。其實,官田鋼鐵已在官田設廠十幾年,這回農漁民群起反抗的原因是,官田鋼鐵要增設的是『在製程中會產生污染的鍍鋅酸洗廠』。而廠址周圍卻 是綠油油的良田,和養殖台灣鯛的魚塭。農漁民表示,他們不是反對設廠,而是希望他們能設在工業區。面對各方質疑,開發單位表示,會使用最先進的設備,希望 以後不再造成汙染,萬一有汙染的話,官田鋼鐵將負責賠償。專案小組會議結論,認為其對鄰近的水雉復育區、農業區生態和環境,有不利影響。且未能評估緊急意 外發生時對環境的影響,建議不同意變更。自救會和環保團體認為,官田鋼鐵應提出環差分析,不得以91年通過的環評繼續運作,因為這十年來,官田的環境因為 沒有官田鋼鐵的新設廠而成為有機菱角重鎮、水雉復育有成等等,因此的確有重新評估環境影響的必要。而為了守護乾淨家園,自救會也做好長期奮戰的決心。



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Guantian residents protest over proposed galvanizing plant ahead of EIA