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Jingliao’s “Happiness Without Rice” radishes

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“They’re huge!” “Aren’t they just adorable?” Young students from Jingliao Elementary School recently had a whale of a time participating in a rural radish-pulling event at Uncle Wen-lin’s farm, where they unearthed all manner of radishes, from huge monsters to mere itty-bitty dwarfs.

Wen Lin-bo said that as the half-hectare piece of land adjacent to Bazhang River was lying fallow he decided to sow radish and mustard leaf and open it up to the community and tourists to experience the fun of farming. After pulling up their own radishes and getting great pictures taken with the teachers, some of the kids said they wanted to take the radishes home to cook and others donated theirs to the school to augment the nutritious campus meals.

Jingliao Community planner Huang Yong-quan (黃永全) expressed his commitment to the promotion and development of “Happiness Without Rice” social enterprises. It is hoped that Uncle Wen-Lin’s fallow land can facilitate a number of projects including empowering young locals with a better understanding of the naturally preserved pickled white radish industry, a traditional product made by local women; using the proceeds of various locally processed radish products to assist community charities; and providing tourists with locally-produced culinary delicacies like radish soup, pickled white radish, and radish stew etc.






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