2012 – Once more investigating frog crossing at Dashanbei

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Following a report from Hengshan Township in Hsinchu County (新竹縣橫山鄉) last year (2011), which covered the story of citizens helping frogs safely cross the road, this year as the season for protecting frogs gets into full swing, citizens have once more been making their way to participate in a similar activity.  Starting at 5:00 in the late afternoon, one after the other enthusiastic citizens arrived at the designated spot for the activity. After the leader of the frog protection group and various other members introduced what was to be done, participants made their way to the road where they began the frog patrol. In the middle of the patrol, participants were fortunate to witness a number of wild creatures adding a touch of excitement and surprise to the event. Although the sheer number of participants did cause some disturbance to the frog’s environment, through this kind of activity and instruction many families are able to understand the beautiful ecology of Taiwan, which will no doubt help foster an attitude of willingness for the preservation and nurturing of our planet.

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The frogs are crossing the road again – frog priority signs erected (narration: Karen) (by CJ CJ tlhsusow)

Pseudoamolops sauteri (梭德氏赤蛙) ordinarily lives in the understory of forests, and in Hsinchu’s low-elevation mountainous areas around October, when the autumnal winds blow and the mountains change a brilliant orange with the ripening persimmon fruits, the frogs of Dashanbei (大山背) bring the mountain to life. They begin migrating to shallow streams nearby in order to lay their eggs, giving birth to the next generation. In these shallow streams the tadpoles feast on lichen to grow strong and turn into young frogs before returning to the forest.    However, ever since a road was built following the course of the river including a high concrete wall dividing the road from the river, returning to the forest from the river has become an almost impossible mission. In addition to the concrete wall, there is the added danger of passing cars, where many young frogs have met their fate.   In October of 2008, ecological volunteer groups became aware of this migratory crisis, and in 2009 set up a frog protection initiative, where the Dashan area was divided into a number of areas. Every October, as dusk falls, the volunteers take turns to patiently seek out frog silhouettes along the way and carefully escort them to safety. In 2010, both the founder of the Indonesian Orangutan Information Center (紅毛猩猩資訊中心) and the Taiwanese authorities visited the area to inquire how the situation could be improved. As a result of everyone’s hard work, in 2011 the protection wall running along the river was improved, and this year signposts have been erected to alert drivers. However, there are still many things to be improved and so it is hoped this year even more citizens will come along to participate in the activities, giving a voice to the frogs, helping them find their way home safe and sound.

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2012 – Once more investigating frog crossing at Dashanbei (by CJ CJ eric8281)
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2012 再訪大山背幫青蛙過馬路 ( ㄚ峰 )



(相關資料) 青蛙又要過馬路05-豎立青蛙優先標誌牌(配音:karen) ( 海茄苳 )

梭德氏赤蛙平常生活在森林底層, 新竹低海拔山區每年十月,也就是九降風起、柿子轉紅的季節。 大山背的梭德氏赤蛙家族也開始騷動…。 牠們必須遷徙到附近乾淨溪流,在平緩的淺水灘中產卵, 好繁衍牠們的下一代 ,蝌蚪靠水中的青苔長大,長成青蛙後才回到森林裡。

然而,自從山區道路沿著溪流闢建,道路邊又築起高高的水泥護欄,梭德回家的路 就變得困難重重了,再加上來往穿梭行駛的車子, 讓梭德一不小心就成了車下亡魂。

荒野蛙調志工於2008年10月發現梭德遷徙的危機之後,在2009年開始發起護蛙行動,將大山背護蛙地帶分成幾個區域,每年10月間的傍晚志工輪流在各區沿路耐心尋找青蛙的身影,將青蛙們護送到安全的區域。2010年印尼NGO組織紅毛猩猩資訊中心創辦人也來關心,政府單位也來勘查 ,詢問可能改善的方法。因為大家的努力2011年部分路段的護欄獲得改善,並在今( 2012)年豎立了青蛙優先的告示牌,但還有許多的危機仍然沒有解決,新的一年希望我們有更多的民眾願意一起來為青蛙發聲,幫牠們找尋安全回家的。




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2012 – Once more investigating frog crossing at Dashanbei