Who’s come to help gran!

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This year in Minxiong Township, Chiayi County Zheng Cai Jin-Zhi (鄭蔡金枝) is 72 years old. Twenty years ago after suffering from uterine cancer she received a series of chemotherapy treatments, which managed to bring the cancer under control. Unfortunately, side effects from the treatment caused elephantoid oedema in both her legs and lower extremities, making mobility difficult. After trying every possible option and literally at her wits end, a friend of Zheng Cai Jin-Zhi suggested she visit a certain temple in Lunbei Township, Yunlin County and receive a religious folk remedy. The remedy used blessed ash from the Matsu god’s incense burner, which was smeared on areas of pain on her feet – this therapy lasted for more than ten years!

Zheng Cai Jin-Zhi is now under the care of The New Womanhood Association (華山基金會) in Minxiong. Lin Ya-Ru, head of the Minxiong office said: “Zheng Cai Jin-Zhi currently lives alone, so with her legs in this condition mobility is a real problem. Volunteers from the office make daily visits to deliver necessities and recently we also managed to raise funds that will help provide a wheelchair to improve her mobility. Unfortunately, however, with regards to Zheng Cai Jin-Zhi’s medical condition, we lack the funds to provide the necessary assistance. It is hoped that members of society will provide the much-needed succor to alleviate the elephantoid oedema in Zheng Cai Jin-Zhi’s legs.

Tsai Zheng-Han (蔡政翰), head of the Emergency Ward at Taichong Veterans General Hospital(台中榮民醫院), Chiayi Branch said: “Taiwanese people have a habit of visiting temples, where they pray to the gods, asking for cures to medical problems and to have fortunes told. For medical problems, however, they are often given blessed ash from the temple’s incense burner; this ash contains cadmium, lead and other heavy metals. If one spends a lot of time near the rising spirals of incense smoke, smears incense ash on one’s wounds, or uses ‘blessed’ water, then it is quite possible you will suffer from heavy-metal poisoning.” Tsai Zheng-Han, a specialist in handling poisoning, poisoning disasters, emergency medicine and critical care treatment said that with the current standard of Taiwanese medicine, it should not be difficult to find out the source of the disease. In a special appeal to his Taiwanese countrymen, he asked everyone to remember that medical treatment must be taken step-by-step, and that making good use of current health care resources is the appropriate means of action. He also reminded everyone that in order not to incur serious medical consequences and be left with a lifetime of regret, people should stay clear of roadside charlatans.

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Who’s come to help gran!
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Who’s come to help gran!