2012 Rainbow island tour

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In this year’s summer vacation, citizen journalist Azure Chang and friends spent a week touring the island of Taiwan. The group, which travelled by railway, was part of the Rainbow Island Tour, spreading the spirit of gender equality. The group believes that everyone should be able to express oneself according to their own unique character, and not be subjected to unfair treatment or discrimination because of gender or sexual orientation. All along the way, supporters of Rainbow Island Tour came out to greet the group and have their pictures taken.The group also visited Gao-Shu Junior High School where they lit candles and laid flowers in remembrance of student Yeh Yong-zhi, who died as an indirect result of his own gender traits.The group hopes that their actions will help to improve gender education and relevant laws, and that in the future people will be free to express their sexual orientation without fear or intimidation.

Love and peace is our slogan, and our hope is for a gender-friendly society, where no person is subjected to discrimination because of their gender or sexual orientation. On the road, we carried a six-color rainbow flag, which is a symbol of passion, the sun, harmony, etc. It was wonderful to share the tour with friends and supporters of the cause who joined us for group photos, and we hope that this spirit of friendship will spread throughout the world. The citizen reporter would like to thank his parents and friends for all their support, and the children and adults who offered a smile or hug in support of the Rainbow Island Tour. He would also like to encourage everyone to work for a better future!

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2012 Rainbow island tour (by CJ azurechang)
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2012 彩虹環島 ( 湛藍排骨 (azurechang)

公民記者湛藍排骨和朋友在今年暑假花了一周的時間透過台鐵進行的彩虹環島,背著彩虹旗,傳達「性別友善」的精神。希望每個人都能夠用自己的特色活出自己, 不因為性別特質和性傾向而遭受不公平的對待或歧視。路途中,和支持的路人拍照;在屏東高樹國中緬懷因為性別特質而間接導致如廁意外而過世的學生葉永鋕,點蠟 燭、致上鮮花、唱歌,「永鋕」的名字讓性別教育和法律在當年有所提升,也希望未來台灣的性別友善程度會更好。

愛與和平是我們口號,我們希望性別友善充滿在社會裡,每個人不會因為各種性別特質和性傾向而遭受歧視。路途上,我們背著彩虹旗,六色的彩虹旗象徵熱血、陽 光、和諧等等;一路上,支持我們的朋友一起合照,我們希望這樣的友善精神能夠傳承下去。公民記者感謝父母親、感謝這一路上的夥伴,也感謝願意向彩虹孩子給 予一個微笑或擁抱的人們,未來一起加油!




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謝謝PeoPo Weekly Review把這篇報導翻譯成英文分享給更多人,不過中英文摘要中有關永鋕的部分有所誤植,他並非自殺的喔,而是「因為性別特質而間接導致如廁意外」,敬請更正,謝謝!

有關葉永鋕的資訊也可以參考維基百科 http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E8%91%89%E6%B0%B8%E9%8B%95


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2012 Rainbow island tour