2007 Creative Graffiti For Youth

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Taiwan Alliance for Advancement of Youth Rights and WelfareWarmly Invites You To“2007 Creative Graffiti For Youth”2pm, August 11 & 12, Ximen-ding Movie Theme Park

Who says Taiwanese youth are not creative?! Come and witness our youth’s creativity in this year’s “Creative Graffiti for Youth” organized by the Taiwan Alliance for Advancement of Youth Rights and Welfare which is Non Government Organization actively involved in youth rigths and welfare on education, social participation, culture & recreation, healthcare and employment.   “Creative Graffiti for Youth” definitely will not only transform the usual perception that our youth in Taiwan lacks imagination and seriousness but will also inspire an alternative in the meaning of creative recreation for youth who are leading Creative Graffiti into the city and county communities of Taiwan, transforming perceptions of beauty, art and creativity of an ordinary local community. This year’s “Creative Graffiti for Youth” includes a colourful program line-up comprising of street dance, rock bands, mini concerts, handicraft shops, all aiming to demonstrate to the various private enterprises, government agencies and community at large, Youth Rights to Culture & Recreation! So, come along and bring your friends too to join us at Ximen-ding Movie Theme Park at No. 19, Kang Ding Road, Wan Hua District, Taipei City on August 11 & 12, at 2pm for a day of Creativity, Talents, Rock Music, Street Dance, Indigenous Handicraft and many other enjoyable activities! SEE YOU THERE!


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加入時間: 2007.07.10


2007 Creative Graffiti For Youth