太陽花運動 From Occupy Congress to Sunflower Movement

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A simple reason for the national rebellion!

It is the quality of one's convictions determines success, not the number of followers.

After 23 days of ‪#‎OccupyChamber‬佔領議場, its established ‪#‎SunflowerMovement太陽花運動‬‬ advocated ‪#‎SunflowerEverywhere‬遍地開花, & it has since awaken the public spirit of social, cultural, political & environmental reform in Taiwan islandwide, such as:

‪#‎OccupyCongress‬佔領立法院‬: Occupy the Ministry of Legislative Yuan (0318~0424, 2014) against China trade pacts & the authoritarian ruling party KMT 國民黨, known as the kickstarter of the Sunflower Movement was a 24/7 occupy movement, people from everywhere, all walks of life were so willing to share, to play a part, which most of them never thought they could till this happened, even most of them could only stay outside the #OccpyChamber, there were open forums, free food, free medics, free kitchens, free tents, free wifi & charger stations... It's the time of Taiwan Spring, there were moments to be in the right place, to prove that democracy is possible! 

#OccupyExecutive佔領行政院: Occupy the Ministry of Executive Yuan occurred a week after #OccupyCongress (the Ministry of Legislative), due to the mounting dissatisfaction over the ineffective government & the dubious #OccupyChamber controlled by the self-appointed 9 elites, which led to another backroom democracy. The then premier Jiang Yi-huah 江宜樺 in fear of power changed, ordered the National Police General Wang Cho-chiun 王卓鈞 to arm thousands of police with batons, shields, teargas & water cannons, brutally overwhelmed the occupiers in a midnight eviction. The bloody crackdown had dramatically highlighting injustices and altering public consciousness about the need for action would change become possible. It was a turning point for #SunflowerMovement to live on.

‪#‎OccupyTaipeiPoliceStation‬路過中正一‬: Protest police brutality, highlight state violence.

‪#‎Blockupy‬佔領忠孝東路‬: Block the traffic, stop the system, calling for social justice.

‪#‎OpenForum‬公民論壇‬: Holdings of various citizen forum, culture study & people assembly.

‪#‎TotalRecall‬罷免運動‬: Expose the corrupt politicians, recall them by vote and petition.

‪#‎NoNukes‬反核運動‬: Stop the problematic nuclear power plants No. 4/3/2/1.

‪#‎TreeProtection‬護樹運動‬:  Against tree-cutting and land-grabbing, toward permaculture.

‪#‎TaiwanIndependent‬台灣獨立運動‬:  One Taiwan, One China, ROC is not Taiwan.

‪#‎BrainwashCurriculum‬反洗腦課綱‬: Occupy the Ministry of Education against #ChinaCentric curriculum‬.

中國國民黨主席兼總統馬英九為迎合北京貿然促統,廣納中國因素。終於,在“30秒審服貿"事件點燃台灣人對黑箱政治的反感。以台北為中心的社運圈與學運圈在取得特定政要的默契下首先發難,於2014年3月18日晚間9點衝入國會,佔領了國民黨專政的立法院議場,預計癱瘓週五的服貿表決議程。出乎意料,當夜聲援群眾迅速增多,由各地源源不絕湧向立法院。可惜,由佔領議場內的高層"9人決策圈"為避免失控,以一線糾察配和警力將民眾隔絕在立法院外。一日之後,佔領已更名為太陽花學生運動,困守議場內的學生被塑造為主角形成孤島效應。但也因此,激發出了鴿派/鷹派/分進/合擊/切割/摸頭/左/右/統/獨/黨/中/資派... 等群雄奮起,大家都期盼這一股爆發的力量可以改革腐敗政治,而不僅僅是服貿協議。從此,一場波瀾壯闊的太陽花運動,開啟了台灣人走上公民運動的道路。

‪#‎Taiwan‬ Brief History 台灣簡史:

-1895~1945: Japanese colonial period. 日本治台50年。

-1947: KMT (Chinese Nationalist Party) retreated from China civil war to occupy Taiwan & initiated ROC (apart from PROC) with a martial law. Several thousands to hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese were tortured, killed or vanished in 4 decades of White Terror (unidentified for Top Classified). 國民黨自中國內戰被推翻後,以中華民國‬之名撤退/殖民/接管台灣,實行戒嚴專制約半世紀,‪#‎二二八‬ #白色恐怖 時期,被刑求/屠殺/失蹤的民眾難以估計(自數千至數十萬人數因國安理由未能公開)。

-1971: PROC China claimed ROC Taiwan ownership from UN. China regards Taiwan as a rebel region that must be reunited by force if necessary. 聯合國決議一個中國,佔領台灣的中華民國從此喪失國際主權。

-1992: Taiwan & China became "1 country 2 systems" according to China Anti-Secession Law. 國民黨由反共變親共,倡導模稜兩可的 ‪#‎92共識‬ ‪#‎一國兩治‬。

-2000: With the election of President Chen Shui-bian from the opposition Democratic Progressive Party, Taiwan changed from One Party Authority into Two Party Dictatorship, as most of the financial & political power still controlled by KMT. 雖有首位民選總統陳水扁,但民進黨並未積極 ‪#‎轉型正義‬,而國民黨仍舊掌握大多數資源,台灣由一黨獨裁‬變成兩黨專政。

-2008: Corruption allegations undermined Mr Chen's popularity and contributed to the DPP's loss to a resurgent KMT. 民進黨爆發貪瀆,執政權回歸國民黨。

-2014: #OccupyCongress (0318~0424) by students, activists, NGOs & pro-Taiwan independent groups united to fight the tyranny China Trade Pacts & the systemic corruption of KMT government, turned into the national Sunflower Movement. 以台北社運圈為中心的反服貿運動,在318佔領立法院後壯大為全島響應的太陽花運動。

-2015: New generation start to use citizen power calling for changes, such as the legislative, constitutional and educational reform. There is no turning back for democracy Taiwan. 新生代受到太陽花運動鼓舞, 公民運動與投入政治開始蔚為風潮。

1-Breaking Point!驚爆點 https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/462530450567189 : The very 1st minute of 318 #OccupyCongress #OccupyTaiwan Legislature #佔領立法院@March 18th, 2014, against #China trade pact, later became the #SunflowerMovement #太陽花運動

2-Keeping Up!https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/463007377186163 : At a 2nd thought, we temporarily lost track of the 1st group of leading activists in the middle of #OccupyCongress. For there were some DPP congressmen of the opposition party already camping inside, some police still guarding & calling for back-up, some people running wild (there was a funny paint team we cannot show you) around the multi-complex legislature, & more people outside still coming &trying to get in@10pm, while most of us didn't know what's the plan, but would surely like to lend a helping hand! 

3-Double-Click! https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/463289397157961 : 11pm, It was a surprise occupy without violent attack, both sides were waiting for the back-up, & we met the student leader for the 1st time.    

4-2nd Charge! https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/463466477140253 : Around midnight, more people gathered outside of the legislature, were separated by a line of on-duty police. Inside, the student occupiers had the same fate. After they got tired of sitting in the dark in front of the chamber, they decided to go support the other group at the side door where the 2nd charge took place.

5-Crouching Pigeons, Flying Eagle! 臥鴿藏鷹 https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/463664530453781 Minutes after midnight, there were social medias, TVs, right target, right cause, activists & not many police... Just when you thought everything was right for a revolution, there were voices yelling "Stop!" & hands in the air! It was like the crouching pigeons with the flying Eagles!

6-Tangle糾纏_Make a scene in the east & strike in the west!聲東擊西 https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/464153280404906 : The 1st charge from the side-gate into the legislature (a multi-complex building) took 1 min, the 2nd charge from the side-door into the chamber (the central congress building) took forever. People were not well-trained, well-prepared & well-informed at the confront, much like a distraction!? While the activists already worked from the inside without a sound. 

7-Dark Valley黑暗幽谷 https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/465173873636180
: We left the confrontation at the side-door of the chamber & back to the front-door again. Once guarded by a line of police & door locked, suddenly cleared & unlocked!? (Even when we went through the darkest valley, we feared no danger, for thou art with us; thy rod and thy staff, they comfort us)... ignored warnings not to trespass to the Legislature, (only to find the Congress plagued by a series of packs and deals of power, corruption & lies.) authoritarian bureaucrats... beware!

8-The Chamber of Secrets立法的密室 The Chamber of Secrets has been opened! https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/465836590236575

9-Man The Chamber議場攻防 "#‎OccupyCongress is threatenrd! Protect with your body!" https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/466369060183328Right after the light was on, the police came to evict the 300 occupiers from the left side, & later the right side of the chamber. The rebellion began, the police must be confronted. 

10-Hold Front挺身 "Hold the front, Neville!" https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/466969900123244 : 300+ chamber occupiers were trying to keep out the police, bring in the supplies, & watch out for suspicious activities at the same time. We found some people working like bees, some are taking selfies, & at least one plainclothes police hang inside the assembly hall. 

11_Midnight Oil挑燈夜佔 Burning the midnight oil inside & outside the congress! https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/467422080078026Although it's midnight, many people were wide awake & gathered around the Legislature, to support the occupiers inside the Assembly Hall, seperated by iron gates & police! ‪

12_Midnight Patrol夜巡 Staying up with ‪#‎OccupyCongress ‬https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/467798433373724While the #OccupyCongress was taking a break, we went for a little midnight patrol in the muti-complex Legislature for a fresh, around the Assembly Hall.

13_Support Frontline支援前線 "Seize the stairs, Lay down your body!" https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/468936303259937Some activists formed a human chains through the basement parking lot at the right side of the legislature (where the occupiers stormed in & then the gate was closed & secured by the district police), brought in water, food, sleeping bags... for the occupiers in the chamber. But the increasing police force were well trained & gradually overtaking the supply channel.

14_Solitary落單 "You can't start a fire without a spark!" ~Bruce Springsteen https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/469876646499236An occupier was spotted out & got arrested outside the chamber (in the legislature). Better not left alone, smoked outside or wandered around in this multi-complex legislature when the police backed up, even if you're just dancing in the dark. You can't start a fire, you can't start a fire without a spark...

15_Protection濟南路 "No riot police, no riot!" https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/470765179743716 : 2am, over thousands of people packed the street 濟南路 by the legislature. More people woke up to support the 300+ occupiers in the chamber, The chants ring loud & clear through the iron gates & police lines: "No riot police, no riot!", even the police chief tried to threaten a few names.  

16_Battlefront青島東前鋒 "Sit down, everybody sit down!" https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/471607416326159Around midnight, a new battle-line was formed by hundreds & more people without leader on 青島東路_the backside of the legislature with an open parking lot which is closer to the chamber, with a wider cross-able fence). Although people were temporary interfered by don't-know-who from the Sit-Down-Organization (As no matter what, they'll tell you to sit down or get out), People still stood up later topush away the riot police, cross over the fence & open the iron gate.

17_Into the Congress翻盤瞬間 "Get upon you feet for you gotta prove your love to me" ~Madonna. https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/472191836267717 : An almost total occupy happened after midnight, hundreds of people pushed away the police, crossed over the fence (青島東路_the backside of the legislature, with an open parking lot close to the chamber which has 300+ occupiers inside surrounded by police). As we'd noticed, not only there were plainclothes agents arrived, but people were soon interfered by don't-know-who from the Sit-Down-Organization, crowd control at its best! 

https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/472766776210223 :
 There is only a thin line (the door) between the people & the chamber (300+ occupiers inside), as the crowd was controlling by the Sit-Down-Organization, the police were taking their time regrouping, the scholars & the congressmen were working their way to the front & inbetween, the total occupy didn't happened after all. But the people were still betting the odds against it all, for "The heart knows what it wants." ~Selena Gomez

19_居中作梗 "The hampers gonna hamp, the players gonna play!" https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/475266739293560 : While hundreds+ people were talk-down by the Sit-Down-Organization for safety reason outside the chamber, few self-claimed negotiators appeared & kept controlling the crowd to stop charging (same as the police). All at once, the mic-controller declared there were some legislators already in-between the 300+ occupiers (securing the chamber) & some police (securing the chamber corridor), "Stop & sit down now! they'll do it for everybody....." But some protesters were still standing, as the shadows quietly moving on the 2nd floor. 

20_Sitters & Movers進來坐!? "Movers and shakers come on! You got what it takes to make it! https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/475908945896006 

21_"Iron Gates Down!" https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/476394202514147 : 3am, the night is young but the SDO (guarding the door of the chamber with the police) keep mic-controlling, telling everybody to 1-Sit down! 2-Sit down & thank you!! 3-Sit down for your safety!!!... didn't work well, for many activists were covering their ears like kids :)

22_"Oh! A stairway to heaven..." https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/476919435794957Even people were stopped at the door of the chamber by the mic-controlling Sit-Down-Organization & the seemingly legitimate police, activists still find a way to get over it...

23_Beware of the mic-controller with fear as his weapon! https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/478002969019937From hundreds to thousands of people all giving up their sleeping, gathering outside at the door of the chamber (occupied by 400 students, social activists & NGOs), which now guarded by the police (less than 50) & the seemingly legitimate mic-controlling Sit-Down-Organization (Social Opportunists or Rally Highjackers), which keep telling everybody to sit down, be calm due to safety reason, even stop activists from climbing the stair(to bypass the police & SDO). Moments later, the mic-controllers (few happened to be on the front scholar-like people) are turning people's calling "Police out!" into "Police don't move, we don't move!", things got very complicated!?

24_1.Sing together 大合唱! 2.Applause together 愛的鼓勵! 3. Diversion > Discussion > Dispersing 3D分離術! 4.Elites take control 精英騎劫! ...Oh wait, are we being hijack?https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/478633605623540

25_Night318!https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/479253205561580Ya take what ya need and ya leave the rest. But they should never have taken the very best. The night of #318

‪#‎OccupyCongress‬ day! No-school day! Pt.26 As the morning has broken, things did changed as many students coming to surround the legislature like it was a no-school day! ‪#‎OccupyCongress‬ day 1, 

#‎自己的國家自己救‬ ‪#‎FuckTheGoverment‬ is trending! Pt.27 https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/480134888806745 : ‪#‎OccupyCongress‬ hour 10th, day 1, after 1 night of struggle, people are finally attracted out of their routine, surrounded the legislature now. At the center were 300+ activists occupy inside the chamber separated by the congress police, both sides were backing up by more police, more people, but the irresistible trend of ‪#‎自己的國家自己救‬ ‪#‎FuckTheGoverment‬ is coming like the morning sun :)

"We're Not Gonna Take It!" Pt.28 https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1081000661926568 : 3pm, day 2, we climbed back into ‪#‎OccupyChamber‬ thru the secret passage to see the 300+ occupiers, which after one night of struggles with the police, now supported by the majority outside. Until now, the KMT gov did not send in the military, China was shocked and in spite of its long standing menace, did not intervene, & yes, it was a turning point! 

Elite takes control, all bets on student! Pt.29 https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/481052208715013 : Day 3, ‪#‎OccupyChamber‬ was in order now, the occupiers (most of them students) are just sitting around, reading their books, doing their things, waiting for something, because a few scholars & teachers as policy makers are already taking control, due to the students are short of experience & many things... There's a secret power meeting upstair in a closed room, only 20 people can climb this decision tree, & they also have the privilege come in & out of the secured chamber (we climbed the roof thru the window still), that's why we don't see the big shots around much of the time!

There's a power circle everywhere! Even in the Occupy! Pt.30 https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/481562638663970 : There's a power circle everywhere! Even in the ‪#‎OccupyCongress‬!! this time the students were controlling by only 9 people, codename: 決策圈, remain behind closed door!!!

3 Speakers, 9 Elites of The Order@HotelOccupy... Pt.31 https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/483073548512879 : Update: ‪#‎OccupyCongress‬ were mainly controlled by 9 people 決策圈 "The Order" as the single decision maker, was then often run as hierarchy rule, only 3 speakers of them labelled as "Student Leaders" presented at press meeting, the other 6 still remains a mystery until now!?

Check it out ‪#‎Occupy3F‬ Pt.32 https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/483577785129122Give it up to ‪#‎OccupyCongress‬ Day 4, 3rd floor balcony looking down...

Crowd is high, forgot the rules, climb to the top for your eyes only... Pt.33 https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/484433421710225We took the only chance to climb all the way up to the rooftop of the‪#‎OccupyChamber‬, checking out how the police still control most of the inside of the multi-complex legislature, & what a beautiful crowd right outside the congress...

A Generation Began On the Streets... Pt.34 https://www.facebook.com/RevNews/posts/484766248343609 : We got tired of hanging around, following the order from the nobody-knows so-called 9 Elites 決策圈, & their kidnapped Student Farm 學生農場 in the chamber. We took the walk out of the police corridors to the front yard of the congress, where hundreds of people for referendum & Taiwan independence occupied... 

All night long... Pt.352 am of day 5 (323凌晨24小時之後, 馬江下令鎮暴行政院靜坐民眾!!),  cloudy & shower, no more microphones or wild parties after midnight, but the people did not go away or go to sleep from congress surround, over 10+ thousands of them. So, what is it that people really want it so bad that the government don't understand? Pt.35 of #OccupyTaiwan Legislature #佔領立法院 against #China trade pact & the authoritarian ruling party #KMT #國民黨, later became the international #SunflowerMovement #太陽花運動 Rev in HD #OccupyCongress 2b continued. G________ T_____ 晚_, 台_

The youngest occupier was a 3yrs old!

Don't worry about me, Mom! Cuz i'm w/everybody :)

人氣留言 : 

Arr Digga: Democracy in action. 8小時 · 收回讚 · 4

Elizabeth Woods: Yes!! "Power to the people!!"

Heidi Skovgaard: It's awesome! people united and standing together 收回讚 · 回覆 · 12 · 7小時

Randy Francis: keep the good fight guys good job

Barry Parker: and this is our youth,..we are surely on our way to a global uprising,..sooner then we probabley realize!!!....hell will soon be unleashed!!!

Nicholas Serasis: I was lucky enough to be in Taiwan during the Sunflower Movment and look forward to the anniversary march coming up in a few weeks. This movement has had a big impact on the islands ongoing democratization process and will likely influence the upcoming presidential election. The Sunflower movement has proven that people can make a difference as long as they possess the will to sacrifice and fight for the change they want to see. 台灣加油!
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Revolution in HD, Occupy Taiwan to be continued :)


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